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The August Edit

This month started off with a trip to Viva Las Vegas!! Our team went for Las Vegas Market, where we saw all of the latest and greatest lighting, furniture, decor, artwork and more. We made important introductions with new vendors, and saw and specified special pieces for our current projects. Here's a few of our team at market. Properly portraying that we tested a lot of chairs, ate a lot of ice cream and were often found with a paloma in hand.

Okay and now here's a few photos of (just some!!! of) the wonderful things we found at market.

What else is going on this month for us? We have 2 upcoming photoshoots we're planning for and 2 in studio design presentations (for our Lake Street and Manhattan Beach Builds). We're wading our way through construction on our Piedmont and Palm Springs projects, proposing designs / furnishings to our clients up in Westlake Village, working through architectural plans with our Texas Ranch and Greenwich projects and proposing accessories/decor for our clients up in Lake Oswego, Oregon. We're also working through design revisions and exterior renderings for our Millstone Drive project (which is in College Station, Texas!), and specifying the most special window and door packages for our Emerald Bay project! Needless to say we're working our little booties off (per usual). I hope you're having a great August and thank you for being here/reading ttys x



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Come explore the different design aesthetics we design within. Which do you align with most?!

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