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The May Edit

Wondering what the KHI team is up to this month!? We are busyyyy little bees and there's so many exciting things in the works. Here's a run down.

First up - an upcoming day trip to northern California to check in on our Piedmont Project!!! We've been working on this for many many months and finally get to see it in person we are so dang excited. We'll be walking the site with the architect and the clients, reviewing / selecting wood flooring stains and slabs, and dropping off our KHI design binder that's full of CAD, designs, and specifications.

Next up - install planning! Denverrrrrrrr is done and insanely beautiful and we get to go out next month. Peep these photos that our client sent us last week and if you're wondering yes our jaws are on the ground and no we cannot believe how beautiful it all is. CANT WAIT TO SHOW YOU MORE WHEN WE ARE THERE SOON. How good is that emerald green range oven you guys?!

Another install this month - our Park Royal Project in Huntington Beach! Kitchen cabinets are getting painted, flooring is in, fireplace getting tiled with its fluted goodness, and countertops are getting installed! Completion is just around the corner on this one and OH we just ordered the most beautiful furniture ever for this project so get pumped for that.

Lastly this month we're kicking off not one, two, but THREE new projects. One is in Palm Springs (if you followed my stories a few weeks back out to the desert for the In Home Consult, well, we got hired yay!!!) and the other two are in Westlake Village and Culver City!! Here's a few images of the Palm Springs Project, it's got SUCH GOOD BONES - we're so excited to share more with you as we dive into the design process soon.

That's all for this months Edit, as always thank you for reading - adore you guys x



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