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The June Edit

Alright you guys where do we start? June is flying by and for the record, I feel like it was January yesterday? Anyhow, here's what we're up to!!

We just got back from a trip to NorCal to check in on our Piedmont Project - which is a darling suburb outside of Oakland, CA. It was such a productive day trip up there walking the site, meeting the contractor and architect (in person, we've had plenty of Zoom hangs thus far), and selecting slabs for the project.

Here's a few images of (us traveling with our site sign!!! lol and) the progress on site. We're a few weeks away from drywall on this project, and then come all the incredible finishes we've been working with our clients on for the last -almost- year.

Before flying home, we stopped at a local slab yard to select stone for the project. Here are a few images of our trip there. We found some really beautiful slabs for a few of the spaces, and just have one more left to purchase (for the kitchen island!).

We did a #InTheWorks highlight on this project back in November (linked here) so if you haven't already, go check it out! It includes project inspiration and some notes on design direction throughout. Here are a few fun renderings (built with our designs and autoCAD elevations) of what a few of the spaces will look like once completed. Can you even with all of the amazing color and pattern (wallpaper!) infused into this project?! It's been such a fun and rewarding project for our team to work on and we can't wait to share more as we work our way through construction :)
What's next, DENVER! We are flying to our Denver project this upcoming week. Our team flies Thursday morning and will spend Thursday and Friday perfecting (styling) the spaces before our photographer shoots everything on Saturday and Sunday. We haven't seen the space since we were there in December (when it was still under a ton of construction) so seeing it finished with all the furnishings that we sourced for the spaces is going to be nothing short of magical. Be sure to follow along in stories when we head there this week. As always, we'll be taking you along for the ride.
Another fun update is at our Park Royal project in Huntington Beach. The construction has officially wrapped up and we're planning an install at the end of June when we meet the receiver on site with the furnishings we ordered, and style the project as well. Here are a few of the most recent images of the kitchen, featuring such a stunning plaster range alcove + those brass pendants, can you even cause I can't.
What else?! We're presenting designs to our Palm Springs project this week, that's been another really fun one for our team to design. It's full of stunning color, pattern, and has all the mid century modern / old Hollywood vibes. We'll be sure to share more after we present (hoping our clients love it as much as we do!).

We've also been to 2 new project Kickoff meetings, one in Westlake Village and one in Culver City. Westlake Village is a furniture only (+ a fireplace design) project, while Culver City is either a gut renovation or a tear down/new build - we're working through both options with our clients currently.

We're also busy drawing all of our Manhattan Beach Build CAD elevations with an approved design deck (yay) which means we'll be working on renderings soon. This project - when we're able to share it with you - is going to make your jaw drop. It's insane.

We've also got some really incredible projects in the pipeline we can't wait to share more about. One is in Orinda, CA and it's going to be a special one.

There's lots more but I've gotta go wake my baby up from a nap. Thanks for reading this months edit and following along with KHI. x



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