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Kristin is the Founder and Creative Director at KH Interiors. She got her bachelors degree from Stanford University and after playing professional volleyball and living abroad for 9 years, later supplemented her education by attending classes at the Academy of Interior Design of Los Angeles where she received her interior design accreditation. Kristin brings an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit to KH Interiors allowing the business to accelerate its growth through creativity, strategic risk-taking, and hard work. She’s passionate about serving her clients, and masters thoughtful design by incorporating long lasting pieces from different styles to create interiors that - influenced by her travels -  are earthy, layered, and unique.



In 2020, Elle pursued her love for design and has recently graduated with her interior design degree. While attending school, Elle won both national and local student interior design competitions. She has impressive technical skills and is extremely detail oriented and organized. She is passionate about creating personalized designs and loves every step of the process. Elle loves working with KHI's clients to help bring their dream homes to life. 
We look to our clients to learn about their values as it relates to the home, and listen as they share how they envision the space looking, functioning, and feeling. With their desired aesthetic in mind, we collaboratively curate designs, and finally, using our tried-and-true process for project execution, bring the designs to life. 
We are creators at heart. Dreaming up swoon worthy designs for our clients homes is what we wake up excited about. 
Our work - and the materials we source as we create - is centered around long-lasting materials that give way to a beautiful, warm, high-end aesthetic. We work with talented craftsmen all over the country that help us build high-quality products to install in our clients homes - we are true believers in quality over quantity. Our design is enduring, and our selections serve everyone, including families with young children.

"Kristin is not only passionate about her career, she is extremely hardworking and talented. Working with her to design our Lake Tahoe home was the best decision we made during our renovation. Kristin is kind, down to earth and felt like a friend from the moment we started working together. She will create a home for you that is modern, cozy, intentional and timeless. And most of all, she will be there for you, fully invested, every step of the way."

- Brooke, Lake Tahoe Project
Here at KH Interiors, our team works effortlessly to give our clients a stress-free and enjoyable design experience. Our goal is to lighten the load that people end up having to carry throughout the course of renovating or building a home. We take pride in our tried and true process implementing and executing designs while working synergistically with the construction team to ensure that our clients end up in the most beautiful, thoughtfully curated space they ever could have imagined.
We love what we do and are grateful for every opportunity we get to do it. If you have an upcoming project you're planning, we'd love to hear more about it.

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