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The March Edit

In this months edit: a BIIIG update on the KHI Studio (& the renderings in case you haven't seen them), deets on a RAD new project we signed onto this month right outside of Dallas TX, and our favorite things from the Jake Arnold x Crate and Barrel Collab.

Okay first things first - who has been following the progress on the studio?! It's gone through quite the transformation in the last couple of weeks - I kind of can't believe how much progress we've made in such a short period of time tbh. Mostly due to my superhero family members that have helped so much. Huge shoutout to my dad who drove in from Utah to help!! With the help of my hubby and little brother, he (who is a designer, too! But is also super handy and knows everything about construction) installed all of the vertical T&G in the studio, painted it, and took care of all the finish work as well. We also got water lines pulled over from the bathroom to the (future) kitchenette area which required drilling the concrete up! and opening up the wall. It was kind of intense ha, but I'm really glad we did it because now we'll be able to have a sink in the kitchenette to wash dishes / glassware in. Here's a few photos of the construction phase!!

And if you haven't seen the renderings we had done of the studio - HERE THEY ARE - LOOK WHERE WE'RE HEADED GUYS MY HEART CAN BARELY HANDLE IT.

We've got a long ways to go - the biggest lead time will be waiting for custom cabinetry to be made for the kitchenette and the design sample library, and we also need furniture(!) which I'm working on but we're hoping to get in there ASAP / soon which is so so exciting. Here are a few snaps I've taken in the last week or so - NO DUST (construction is done, yay) and so much pretty progress. Even though it's nowhere close to done it's still pretty dang magical.

Okay next up is deets on an exciting new project that we signed onto this month in TEXAS. We'll be calling it our Texas Ranch Project. It's a ranch style home right outside of Dallas, and we get to completely reimagine it! It's a full down to the studs to rework the space plan and then build it back up but much more beautifully of course renovation, and we can't wait to get started. Keep an eye out for updates on our socials!

Lastly, we'll leave you with a link directly to this collab by Jake Arnold for C&B because if you haven't seen it then YOU MUST. It's so good you guys. A few of our faves are this bed, this oak wood dresser, this accent chair!, this rattan/linen lamp, this ottoman, this floor mirror. GO CHECK IT OUT and we'll see you next month for the Monthly Edit - thanks so much for reading x



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